some poems wot i dun wrote on’t train

[I have a tiny notebook that I take with me on all my train journeys– and since I’ve been on a lot of trains recently it’s starting to fill up, so…. here you go, internet.]

Time For Tea

Polka dot girl dresses
like a fifties tea party;
smiles the way mother taught her,
evenly spaced like cutlery.
She twists her hair
into tight little rolls round her finger,
twists her fingers round themselves,
knuckles turning white
under the table.
It takes a lot of work to look this happy.

[These three I did by putting my ipod on different random settings, skipping to the middle of a song and just writing down the first few words of each.]

#1 (Arctic Monkeys)

I’m an exception.
It seems as though I need a partner:
the thrill of the chase, the proof we’re onto a win.
It wasn’t real, just a memory,
but I don’t care.

I dreamed about you, darlin, pretending to dance
to all the smirking faces on the dancefloor
to shelter from reality;
I play it on repeat and then hit the road
when winter’s in full swing.

#2 (KT Tunstall)

Can you be hot and cold,
find yourself walking the world
in the middle of nowhere?
If you’re miles away,
can you let me go?

Just like the sea I was silent
until I turned around.
Let me tell the truth:
underneath this big old sky
we’re one and the same.

#3 (completely random)

Airborne brothers and sisters, welcome;
don’t wish this town’s past away,
bow down to the old country.
I’m not as shy as another wordsmith:
pen full of hymns,
a heart on my windowsill.
Can’t you see it’s madness,
a fever dream, death by custom–
I don’t make the plan.

Everyone will be a little beautiful in defeat–
that heart is somewhere darker,
in time, you’ll find your way in.


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