Day Fifty-Four – “Unsavoury Practices” (In For A Penny)

In For A Penny is back! Sort of. Hopefully. In an attempt to make it easier to update this project more often I’ve made the word count a bit more flexible– instead of being a rigid 100 words, it just has to be between 100 and 250. To get the ball rolling, the next few entries will be from a collection of super short horror stories I handed in recently for my Short Story coursework. Here’s the first of them.

June 14th, 1851.

The St Edward’s Road Sanatorium for the Criminally Insane casylumlosed today. They’re knocking the whole damned place to rubble, and if what I’ve heard regarding their unsavoury practices has any truth to it, then it’s about time too.

Nobody knows what’s to happen to the remaining inmates, nor do they care to ask – I suppose very few of those lost souls have any family or friends left to spare a thought for them, and the kindness of strangers is so rare nowadays. I keep them all in my daily prayers, however.

In lighter news, Howell’s Butchers down the street has reopened, and what’s more the prices are lower than any other in the city by a whole four pence. I must remember to buy more of those divine sausages for dinner with Mother on Sunday.

For more information on “In For A Penny”, or for further entries, click here.


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