“Dreamers” – Prologue

So after a long hiatus (read: lazy break) I have returned. What follows is the start of a project within a project– explanation at the bottom of the page.

Stop what you’re doing and go outside. Right now, if you can, go out into the street and just stop in one spot – a bench, a café table, the corner of a street – and let the world carry on around you. Try to remember the face of every person that passes by you, hold it in your mind: could you describe each and every one of them if you had to? Could you identify them in a line up, or draw them from memory?

The average human will see hundreds of different faces a week, thousands a year, millions in a lifetime. Of course we retain some of them – friends and family, colleagues, acquaintances, celebrities – we choose the most important, label them up and file them away for future use.

The vast majority, however, seem to pass unnoticed; they are as indistinguishable from one another as blades of grass in a field, every day of our lives filled with mayfly faces that are there for less than a second. 

We think that’s the end of it – there one minute, gone the next – but in reality they linger. They leave imprints, ghosts, like the floating shadow of an image when you close your eyes too quickly.

They come back to us when we dream.

The faces in our dreams, even if we think we don’t recognise them, are faces we’ve seen before: the mind can’t create faces from scratch so instead it sifts through thousands of tracing-paper copies, people we’ve seen for less than a heartbeat, and picks one at random.

Think how many thousands of people you might see in your dreams.  

Think how many thousands of people might see you.


Okay, so this is actually the prologue to a collection of short stories – “Dreamers” – I wrote for my university coursework this year. Seeing as I wrote all the actual short stories according to the one hundred word limit that I’ve become so used to on this blog, I’ll be uploading them daily as part of “In For A Penny” in a bid to maybe possibly get back into the swing of writing on this blog.

Thanks for the lovely comments, that was a bit of a surprise to come back to– keep them up, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

– Anna May


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