Grossed Out and Sad (Re: Youtuber Allegations)

The internet is full of suck at the moment and I couldn’t not talk about it.

Support for those in abusive relationships:

UK –

US –

Summary of the situation so far (including links to stories from those who’ve come forward):

“On Mistakes” and “On Consent”:



One response to “Grossed Out and Sad (Re: Youtuber Allegations)

  1. An interesting and also shocking (but necessary) discussion that needs to be said, and heard. Phew.. did that make sense?

    I think we have to be careful when discussing/accusing people, in that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I read somewhere about a girl that was making wild accusations about her ex, but it turned out to be some twisted way of emotionally abusing HIM! IRK! It took a lot for me to get my brain around that one.. (and I can’t find the original article anymore.. doh! Should have saved it)

    But wait. I’m not saying everyone is a psycho bitch a la Regina George (poor Mean Girls reference), not at all. I think it needs to go both ways.

    People need to be listened to when they say ‘help! This guy/gal did these horrible things’. But I think social media users need to be more careful about where they point fingers until it’s proven true.

    Yikes.. Not quite sure where all that came from. :s

    A really great post/vid though.



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