A New Project (or “Anna Is Rubbish At Titles”)

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This post was gonna go up a little earlier but there were moving-into-uni-based shenanigans followed by fresher’s week shenanigans that meant this blog had to go on the back-burner for a week or so. But I’m back now, and with me is the promise of regular posts through a new project I’m going to be doing on here.

Inspired by this incredible blog by Dieter Rogiers, and as a way of keeping my writing regular now that I’m studying Creative Writing at university, I will upload one 100-word short story every day for the next hundred days. I’m likely to miss a day here or there, but it’s been a while since I set myself a challenge and since my new life at uni is fairly challenging already, now seemed like a decent time to do it. I’ll still post other things on here, more akin to my usual stuff, the only difference being that the day’s story will appear at the end. All 100 stories will be collected together on a new page (link at the top of the blog).

The only thing that’s missing from this project is the title, and since I keep drawing blanks I thought I’d ask you lot. If you have any ideas for a good title, please do leave them in the comments. The first 100-word story will go up tomorrow.

– Anna


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