“Life with The Lens Cap Off” now available for order!

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You heard me. The book I’ve been whingeing about and using as the sole excuse for the lack of updates on this blog is FINALLY finished and available on lulu.com!

It’s a compilation of short stories and poems, some of which you may have already seen on this blog – most of them are new, though, I promise. The pieces go from macabre to downright silly, and hopefully there’ll be something in there for everyone.

Big, big thank-yous to everyone who helped me finish it – particularly to Vicky Morris, Beverley Ward and Anita Chandran (aka wesweetlegend) who read it through and gave me feedback, and to Duncan Payne who spent an afternoon taking photos of bits of paper I’d folded for the cover.

Look how shiny it is. Mmmmm, shiny cover.


You can find it either by searching for it on Lulu (to go to the website click HERE) or by clicking on that handy little page link in the top bar, which has a link to take you straight to the order page.

That lovely-looking green one in the middle.

As ever, thank you for reading (especially if you’re reading my book) and I will do more updates when I get back from China.

– Anna 


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